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Post by Boxer 502 on Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:16 pm

“Weapon systems online…”
“Heads up Display online…”
“Main Reactor online…”

The young man’s finger’s danced across the multiple, small key-pads located in the tight cockpit of his personal “Stiletto” ‘Mech. His hair was a thick, solid black and hung around his eyes and neck in a permanently-messy fashion, and framed his handsomely young face. His cheek bones were defined, but not sharp, eyes a dark shade of brown. These deep eyes danced across his Mech’s HUD, looking over the Ammo display, Armor display…

“Hey, kid! You’ve got one of our shiniest ‘Mech right there, don’t go slipping and sliding as soon as you leave the pavement!”

Storm smiled to himself at the gruff, familiar voice of Commander Henry Stenner. The man was the CO of the Kore “Lancer’s” and Storm’s more-or-less mentor. With a grin, he placed a finger to the side of his Neuro-Helmet and replied.

“Old man, I’ve handled the Stiletto before, she’s a beauty and could dance circles on the ice, I’ll be fine!”

A chuckle is his answer and the “CLEAR” sign lights up across the hangar’s main exit, the massive doors slowly grinding open to reveal the endless night of Kore and whipping snowstorms. The temperature would be chilling to the bone to anyone not in a ‘Mech, but inside, Storm was dressed in his usual Coolant Vest and shorts. The simple heat from operating this 50 ton war machine was enough to keep him warm as he slowly eased the Stiletto out of her docking bay and into the wilderness. He slowly pushed the Medium-class ‘Mech up to a decent speed of 30 MPH, as to both cross a decent amount of distance and avoid going too quickly and slip on the thick ice of the planet’s surface.

“See you when you get back, Kid, happy hunting!” Stenner called over the radio before the winds would start interfering with communications. Storm was used to it by now, having lived on this backwater planet for his entire life. Communications, Radar, Scans… All became useless in the thick storms of Kore’s environment, and at night, it became even worse. Only someone who knew the planet like Storm could operate a mech out here and not fall flat on their face.

Storm sighed and leaned back in his chair, the soft rocking motion of his ‘Mech almost relaxing. His thoughts drift to his mother, a seasoned ‘MechWarrior during the infamous Clan Wars and killed in the final attack on Kore. It was the whole reason he’d become a pilot himself.

To finally get a chance at those Clan bastards for taking my mother…

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Ice and Steel... Empty Re: Ice and Steel...

Post by Aurauris on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:24 am

From dreams of flowing silk and twisted sheets did Aeryn wake at the low groan of a ship kissed suddenly by gravity after many weeks in space. With a warm sigh, the Pirate Queen herself rolled over with a satisfying stretch to pat the metal wall and murmur, "Mornin' to you too, mon Oeuf." Lightly the young woman hopped onto chilled feet and swept a waterfall of blonde strands behind her shoulder, beginning to shimmy into the insulated gear that would be necessary to safely traverse the planet towards which her ship was carefully free-falling.

A soft smile rose to softer lips as she felt conspicuous silence from the bed left behind; a flash of river-eyes over bare shoulder caught the lazily watchful gaze of her closest and most trusted companion, Rontu, keeping as always his ever-protective eye upon Aeryn from amidst the tousled quilts of her bed. Though he lay curled like a pup and greeted his Queen with a light wag of his tail, she knew with the primal certainty of prey that this eight-foot-from-nose-to-tail-tip creature of frost and fang was by no means tame, nor would he ever be. Honor inexpressible was hers that Rontu had chosen to govern his feral instincts to guard, hunt, explore, discover at her side for these past years of countless jumps amongst stars.

With a beaming smile the blonde pirate returned to her task of dressing, tugging on a final heavy boot before skipping out into the hall, timber-wolf trailing close behind. The silence of his padded steps and silken white fur painted Rontu almost ghostly beneath the dim lights to contrast Aeryn's calm hums and pattering through the cramped, low-ceilinged spaces.

Suddenly the bridge bloomed before the pair in a rush of color and sound, the captivating expanse of Kore's surface spread beyond the helm like lace across the dark wood of brothel cabinetry. A deceptively fatal lace, Kore; beauty luring, claiming, bloodying lives, brutality and deception hidden behind the beguiling curves of elegance.

Just like home.

The courtesan's hand flitted instinctively to Rontu's brow with a faint clenching of her jaw, yet she stepped alongside the timber wolf through a gathering crowd of respectful murmurs and bows with a renewed sense of purpose. Kore poses nothing more than just another harsh gent of a customer. Perhaps harsher than most, I've.. encountered in the past, but no less possessing of inner beasts aplenty, ripe for the wooing.

Not only to steady her own nerves did Aeryn now smile and turn to face her charges as she lit upon the helm, gratefully accepting the steaming mug of tea offered by an outstretched hand. Aromatic mist caressed her cheek, the faces of men and women just as battered by cruelty and disrespect as herself beheld by a river blue gaze equally beholden. With a breath, the Queen began to speak.

"Who's hungry for some 'Mechsicles?"

Voices swelled into an elated roar of an answer to her tilted grin. Even the ship lifted a thundering groan as it slipped towards Koraen permafrost, occupants scurrying about with renewed vigor in preparation for eminent atmospheric entry.  Aeryn leaned her hip gently to Rontu's powerful shoulder with a skipping pulse, eager for the challenge of charming this icy giant below.

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Ice and Steel... Empty Re: Ice and Steel...

Post by Boxer 502 on Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:55 am

Storm was reaching the edge of his Recon Zone, and he sighed. Kore was about one the most boring planets he could think of... Ice, cold, and more ice. Him and his team had never seen anyone here besides there bi-weekly shipment of supplies. And who would come out here anyway? We're not even worth robbing or attacking. As proud as he was to be a MechWarrior, he'd never seen any combat outside the Simulations back at the Base. And even that was a poor substitute.

He simply shoved this pack of thoughts beneath everything else and just focused on his 'Mechs path and her status. He danced his fingers across a keyboard to his left, bringing up a 3D render of his Stiletto, which showed no damage or anomalies which should be dealt with. Even if he didn't use her on the battlefield, his 'Mech was a beauty. Her paint was a solid white, as sharp and crisp as Kore's ground, with edges of golden-brown bronze across her shoulder-fins and legs. This custom paint had taken Storm hours to finish, but here on Kore, when you weren't training or patrolling, you had a lot of free time.

A beep on his Motion Tracker pulls Storm from admiring his art skills, and draws his eyes to a decent-sized blip forming on the edges of his scanning zone. He instantly pulls the Stiletto to a stop, her three-toed feet digging into the snow and ice and sliding a few meters. Was...that a DropShip? Needing to get closer, the young pilot pushed his Stiletto slowly forward, using the rocky terrain as cover for both stealth and defense. As he neared the bleep on his scans, his long-range sensors hit the object with echo-waves and return with a full 3D model... Storm's heart about stops dead. It was a Union-C Class dropship, used solely by the infamous Clans!

He didn't recognize the Insignia's painted on the exterior of the Orb-like Dropship, but then again, he wasn't familiar with most Clan symbols. Now it was time for the real question... Most Union-C's packed enough firepower to defend themselves without 'Mech support and his Medium-Class would never be able to withstand that kind of beating. On the other hand, here was his chance to possibly see something happen on this backwater planet, and deal with the people who'd murdered his mother back during the Wars.


Feeling his blood start to boil, Storm lowered the Plasti-glass Faceguard on his Neurohelmet and powered up the Stiletto's weapons with a flick of his wrist. He felt the tempature rise in the cockpit by a few degree's, just by powering up her array of killing tools and he grinned... If he was lucky, things would get a lot hotter on Kore. Gripping the control-stick and Throttle, Stormed pushes the Stiletto to her max speed of about 45 kph, maneuvering the Icy and rocky terrain carefully as he does so. "Let's go greet our guests..."

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Ice and Steel... Empty Re: Ice and Steel...

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